Real Estate Sydney

Real Estate SydneyWhether you wish to make an investment in real estate Sydney – residential or commercial as an Australian Expat living overseas, we offer you our market knowledge, negotiation skills and resources including trends data.

Locating potential real estate Sydney through the various internet portals and asking a relative, friend or even your accountant or solicitor to inspect it is one way to buy a property.

Another way is to locate potential properties on the internet just before you return home or while you are on a short business visit and spend your limited and valuable time inspecting properties that might appear on the internet to be suitable but in reality may not be what you want to buy.

The third way is to use our 4 stage service outlined below.

The appointment of Property Search 4U when buying real estate Sydney will answer the how, where and when questions. With our objective process, your appointee be it a relative, friend, your accountant or solicitor can join us when short-listing suitable properties for you, in the capacity of providing you with a second opinion.

Stage 1 of buying real estate Sydney

  • Help you define your property specifications – the “Must Have” and the “Wish List”;
  • Execute the agency agreement;
  • Identify suitable properties;
  • Evaluate these properties to the agreed specifications;
  • Submit a progress report inclusive of photos, videos and floor plans.

Stage 2

  • Conduct full inspection of all suitable properties;
  • Undertake market research to determine their fair market prices;
  • In the case of being an investment property, report the current vacancy rate and gross yield factors;
  • Lodge a detailed short-list report of suitable properties;
  • Arrange for and accompany you or your representative to private inspections;
  • Complete market analysis of selected property (s) for your review;
  • Assist with the building and pest inspections, strata search report (if applicable) as instructed;
  • Submit a progress report inclusive of photos, videos and floor plans.

Stage 3

  • Obtain confirmation from your solicitor/conveyancer they have completed the review of the contract;
  • Negotiate the best price, terms and conditions;
  • Liaise with your lender (if applicable) to ensure their offer to finance is un-conditional;
  • Secure acceptance of our written offer or bid at auction if that is the sale method of the selected property;
  • Execute exchange of contract.

Stage 4

  • There are a number of parties involved in the final stage. We will manage the entire process ensuring it is progressing efficiently and according to the agreed dates;
  • If it is an investment property, we can help you appoint a reliable property manager;
  • Conduct pre-settlement inspection and deliver the keys to you;
  • Assist you with the appointment of specialised services if required.