Tenant Representative

As an independent tenant representative, we offer our full commercial leasing service exclusively to:

  • Business Owners
  • Business Managers
  • Lessees

Tenant Representative

who recognise leasing property is not their forte, nor do they possess the necessary market knowledge to negotiate the best rent, terms and conditions and the resources to complete the transaction swiftly.

They tend to view their time is best utilised in what they are good at while outsourcing the total project to a tenant representative.

They also recognise their limitation to the internet and print media to find available properties and that there are other means to source unlisted, privately transacted and yet-to-be-advertised properties.
Unlike Property Search 4U, they do not lease commercial properties everyday and consequently are mostly subjective and possibly stressed over the entire process.

Tenant Representative

As your Tenant Representative we help you to:

  • Maintain your focus on the business while planning one or more of the following steps.
  • Decide whether to exercise the option or move to your new Sydney premises.
  • Negotiate the option on the existing lease.
  • Asertain the medium term requirements of your business.
  • Find, negotiate and lease a new property.
  • Execute the “make good” term of an expiring lease.
  • Project manage the relocation to new premises.

Based on your property’s specifications, the following 4 stages cost-effectively identify the right property, negotiate the lowest rent and the most favourable terms to achieve your property’s objective.

Stage 1

  • Execute the agency agreement;
  • Define your property specifications;
  • Identify suitable properties: listed, unlisted and yet to be advertised properties;
  • Evaluate suitability of properties to agreed specifications;
  • Submit progress report.

Stage 2

  • Assess and inspect all suitable properties;
  • Conduct market analysis to determine the fair market rent;
  • Lodge a detailed short-list report of suitable properties;
  • Arrange for and accompany you to private inspections;
  • Complete market analysis of selected property for your review;
  • Submit progress report.

Stage 3

  • Obtain confirmation from your solicitor they have completed the review of the lease;
  • Negotiate the best rent, terms and conditions;
  • Secure written acceptance of the heads of agreement;
  • Conduct the execution of the lease.

Stage 4

  • There are a number of parties involved in the final stage. We will ensure the process is progressing according to the agreed dates;
  • Conduct the pre-lease inspection of the property and deliver the keys to you;
  • Assist you with the appointment of specialised services if required.