My husband and l were on a mission impossible to find a house we’d like to move back to from our extended stay overseas, in just a week.

We wanted the sweeping views and the best location within our budget. We’ve done our homework, having identified suitable properties listed on various real estate sites, and viewed 25 houses in five days in Sydney. The house we bth liked was up to an auction to be held on a date we would already be back overseas. One of the real estate agents who showed us houses suggested we talk to Fred Haggar from Property Search 4U, who just purchased a house listed with that agency for his client.

The agent commended highly on the level of services Fred offered to that client, and on the savings achieved. The house we liked (and ended up buying) was listed with another agency, so we took the advice at its face value and contacted Fred. Given the time constraints, we needed someone to help us finalise the purchase, and Fred was just the man we were looking for. Fred has made the whole pre-purchase process a breeze to us. He introduced us to a very efficient solicitor, gave us an appraisal for the house and laid out his negotiation strategy based on his valuation.

He talked us against making a pre-auction offer which we were inclined to do, given that we had a plane to catch and we both wanted to secure the property. We would not have the courage and skills to go into auction “in absentia” if it wasn’t for Fred.

We trusted him for his professionalism, sharp negotiation skills, and great personality. Fred bid at an auction for us, with both of us on the phone at 4 AM in the morning local time, and it was a thrill to have heard that “Sold!”, to realise that the view of our dreams was ours. In retrospect, Fred has saved us about 75 thousand dollars net of his fees. His services did not end with the fall of a hammer – he saw us through the settlement, liaising with the bank and the seller’s agent, and organizing quotes for immediate repairs in the meantime. We are grateful to Fred for his wonderful job, and would definitely recommend him to interstate and overseas buyers on a tight schedule, or to any buyers averse to auctions like ourselves.

It feels that not only have we found a house, but also a friend. Good luck, Fred, and see you soon!

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